lesson # quiz

Real tea comes from
     Anything you brew in water
     The Camellia sinensis plant
     Tea leaves

Camellia sinensis is used to produce
     Green tea
     Black tea
     White tea
     All of the above

Infusions made without tea leaves are sometimes called
     Herbal teas
     All of the above

Unorthodox tea is
     Powdered Japanese matcha
     Hand picked and processed
     CTC tea
     Green tea

What is done to slow or completely stop the oxidation process?
     Only using the youngest leaves to begin with
     Heating the tea leaves, either by steaming or pan firing
     Rolling the tea leaves several times
     Allowing the tea leaves to sit in the sun

Most of the health benefits of tea come from
     Essential Oils
     All of the above

Which of these can only be found in South Africa?
     Yerba Mate
     Dr. Pepper
     Chamomile tea

Drinking Chamomile usually produces which effect?
     Promotes Relaxation
     Aids brain function
     Reduces spam
     Male 'enhancement'

Another name for a Tisane is:
     French Fry
     Herbal Tea
     Camellia Sinensis

Which of the following Herbal teas contains caffeine?
     Yerba Mate

What former tea company was the biggest monopoly ever to exist?
     Harrod's of Taylorsgate
     Parker Brothers
     The John Company

How were the Chinese convinced to exchange teas with the West?
     By trading for opium
     Dealing in Pasta and Ice cream
     Saying, 'Pretty please'
     Bartering for Earl Grey recipe

According to Indian legend, tea sprouted from:

Genmai Cha is green tea blended with:
     Roasted rice
     Black tea

Kuan Yin was
     A Chinese Emperor
     A Bhuddist Monk
     A farmer
     The Goddess of Mercy

Which of the following "teas" come from Camellia sinensis?
     White Tea
     Black Tea
     Green Tea
     All of the above

Yerba Mate was originally introduced to the US as:
     A substitute for water
     A substitute for coffee
     A substitute for Australians
     A substitute for Earl Grey

The first tea bags consisted of tea leaves wrapped in what?

What NYC tea merchant was the accidental inventor of the tea bag?
     Sir Thomas Lipton
     Thomas Edison
     Charles Earl Grey
     Thomas Sullivan

Tea bags were originally intended for:
     A sample package
     A practical joke
     A party favor

What is the problem with most current supermarket-quality teabags?
     Not enough expansion space
     Low-grade leaves
     Poor water circulation due to filtration
     All of the above

What lowest grades of tea, found in most commercial teabags?
     F and F-minus
     Broken and Tippy
     Silver and Bronze
     Dust and Fannings

Which of the following is an effect of drinking green tea?
     Better breath
     Weight loss
     Lower cholesterol
     All of the above

Which of the following is an effect of drinking black tea?
     Lower cholesterol
     Better breath
     Weight loss
     All of the above

How many cups of tea should you drink per day to obtain full health benefits?

What is the best way achieve the full health benefits of tea?
     Drink only in the morning
     Drink what you like
     Mix tea with alcohol
     Always use milk and sugar

What is the problem with the health benefits of supermarket-quality bagged teas?
     Less desirable flavors result in reduced consumption
     Poor water circulation and leaf expansion may limit the infusion of healthy elements
     Lower quality leaves sometimes contain a lower concentration of beneficial elements
     All of the above

Which variety of tea generally has the shortest brewing time?
     Herbal tea
     White tea
     Dark Oolong tea
     Green tea

When preparing tea, which of the following should you keep in mind?
     Temperature of water
     Ratio of leaves to water
     Steeping time
     All of the above

Assam Indian black tea should steep for how long?
     7 min
     2 min
     Until the sacred cows come home
     5 min

How much tea leaves should be used for a 8 ounce cup of Earl Grey?
     1 cup
     1 teaspoon
     2 teaspoons
     1 tablespoon

Brewing a Genmaicha Japanese green tea requires what temperature of water?
     About 100F
     About 210F
     Boiling water
     About 180F

What beverage other than tea, is best compared by its complementary nature to food?
     Filtered water
     Apple juice

Jasmine's naturally sweet, floral nature lends it well to what foods?
     Spicy entrees

Which mellow, earthy and aged tea is particularly good after a heavy, multi-course meal?
     Pu'erh tea
     Pouchong tea
     Formosa Oolong
     Earl Grey's Ghost tea

What is a good tea pairing for a 'milk and cookies' midnight snack?
     Japanese green tea
     Herbal fruit infusion
     English Breakfast tea
     White Peony tea

Which delicate, nutty-tasting tea works well with seafood, salads, and chicken?
     Yunnan tea
     Herbal fruit infusion
     Golden Monkey tea
     Dragonwell tea

According to legend, at what event was Iced Tea first introduced?
     World Series
     Miss America Pageant
     World's Fair
     National Iced Tea Fair

Compared to regular hot tea, how much tea should be used to make iced tea?
     Equal amount
     Half as much
     Twice as much
     None of the above

Once tea is brewed, how much water or ice should be used to dilute for iced tea?
     Twice as much
     Equal amount
     Half as much
     None of the above

Which tea can NOT be made into iced Tea?
     Green tea
     White tea
     Oolong tea
     None of the above

What southern cousin is considered a precursor to iced tea's widespread popularity?
     Black-eyed tea
     Earl Grey tea
     Soul tea
     Sweet tea

What popular beverage often consists of cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, clove, sugar, tea and milk?
     Bubble tea
     Thai iced tea
     Earl Grey tea
     Masala chai

What Asian import drink is comprised of juice, milk, tapioca pearls, tea and sugar?
     Bubble tea
     Masala chai
     Thai iced tea
     Summer pudding tea

Cha Yen, a concoction made from coconut milk, star anise, vanilla, clove, cinnamon, orange, sugar and tea, is better known as:
     Bubble tea coco
     Thai iced tea
     Lopez tea
     Masala chai

In India, 'Chai' refers to:
     Simply 'tea'
     A beverage comprised of cardamom, cinnamon, clove, milk, sugar, tea and vanilla
     A concoction made from coconut milk, star anise, vanilla, clove, cinnamon, orange, sugar and tea
     A drink is consisting of juice, milk, tapioca pearls, tea and sugar

What's another name for Bubble Tea?
     Gum Tea
     Boba Tea
     Ti Guan Yin
     Thirst Tea

When brewed, how much caffeine does tea have compared to coffee?

When brewed, how much caffeine does Rooibos have compared to tea?
     About half as much

Caffeine content in tea is altered by which factor?
     Water temperature
     Infusion time
     Leaf size
     All of the above

What impact does the amino acid L-theanine have on the body?
     Makes you sleepy
     Slows the absorption of caffeine and prevents
     Cancels out caffeine
     Relaxes the body without reducing caffeine alertness

Which variety of tea contains the most caffeine when brewed as usually directed?

When determining the grade of a black tea, which of the following factors is considered?
     Leaf size
     Tests and term papers
     Growing conditions

The term Orange Pekoe refers to:
     Size of leaf
     Flavor of leaf
     Color of Leaf
     Smell of Leaf

Chinese tea grades may include the following:
     Season of harvest
     Numbers (1 being the highest)
     A poetic descriptive name
     All of the above

Which major tea producer is the only one to include flavor quality when grading?

When choosing a tea to fit your tastes, which of these should be considered?
     All of the above

When tasting tea, it is important to:
     Slurp loudly
     Analyze the color of the liquor
     Smell the leaves
     All of the above

When tasting teas, it is advisable to compare:
     A wide variety of teas from across the globe
     Different samples of the same variety of tea
     Apples to oranges
     Different teas from the same country

In tasting terminology, the term 'grassy' usually refers to:
     Lower quality tea
     Green and oolong tea
     Adulterated tea
     Lemongrass tea

To enhance the flavor of the tea during a professional tasting, you may wish to add:
     Sugar to taste
     A slice of lemon
     A splash of milk
     None of the above

Before you begin a tea tasting, make sure you have:
     Good water
     Proper teaware
     Accurate measuring equipment
     All of the above

All of the following are common characteristics shared between coffee and tea, except:
     Both originated in the same country
     Both are effected by climate conditions
     Both are naturally caffeinated
     Both from the evergreen family

According to legend, who discovered Coffee?
     Enrico Espresso, an Italian explorer
     Starbuck, a Greek sailor
     Mocha, a Swiss cocoa merchant
     Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder

Charles II of England sampled the first tea the same year as what event?
     Ale was invented in Ireland
     The Boston Tea Party in America
     First coffeehouse opened in England
     Beheading of Oliver Cromwell

The #1 Hot Drink in the US is currently:
     Hot Cocoa
     Hot Toddy

The #1 Hot Drink worldwide is currently:
     Hot Toddy
     Hot Cocoa

In order for a regular oolong tea to be considered organic, it must be:
     Grown without the use of pesticides
     Grown without the use of machinery
     Grown without the use of organs

In order for a regular green tea to be considered Fair Trade, it must be:
     Grown in a community that guarantees farmers reasonable wages
     Grown without the use of harmful chemicals
     Of equal or lesser value to another tea
     Certified by a Rabbi

In order for a regular black tea to be considered Kosher, it must be:
     Nothing needs to be done- it is naturally Kosher
     Grown in a community that eats only Kosher food
     Certified by a Rabbi
     Grown in a community that guarantees farmers reasonable wages

Organic teas are guaranteed to:
     Taste better
     Be healthier
     Be fresher
     None of the above

Which tea would NOT be considered naturally Kosher?
     Green tea
     Oolong tea
     White tea
     Flavored tea

In most instant teas, the main ingredient is:

'Matcha' is a powdered form of which type of tea?
     Keemun Black
     Dragonwell Green
     Gyokuro Green
     Wu Yi Oolong

'Tencha' is a Japanese green tea that:
     Has been upgraded from 'Ninecha'
     Is only available on weekends
     Has been fully fermented
     Has been de-veined and de-stemmed

When talking about tea, the term 'RTD' means:
     Ready to Drink
     Rapid Tea Dispersion
     Rapidly Torn and Dried
     Recent Tea Discovery

Which of the following beverages actually derives from tea?
     Instant tea
     RTD tea
     Matcha tea
     All of the above

According to one legend, the first tea plant sprung from:
     Buddha's garden
     Buddha's grave
     Buddha's eyelid
     Buddha's tongue

The word 'cha' has its roots in which country?

The word 'tea' has its roots in which country?

Roasted rice was added to Green tea to create which tea?
     Jasmine tea

The tea Ti Guan Yin was supposedly a gift from which goddess?
     Halle Berry
     The Iron Goddess of Mercy
     None of the above

Nearly 90% of all tea purchased in the US is what form of black tea?
     Iced Tea
     Loose Tea
     Earl Grey
     English Breakfast

Which term best describes black tea?

Most black teas can be steeped for five minutes, except:
     Summer Assam
     Yunnan Gold
     Spring Darjeeling

How long does it take to complete the traditional processing of a black tea?
     One week
     One Day
     One Year
     One Hour

In China, the term for black tea translates to:
     Yellow tea
     Rooibos tea
     Iced Tea
     Red Tea

When talking about oolongs, the term 'semi-oxidized' means:
     More oxidized than black tea
     Less oxidized than green tea
     In between green and black tea
     None of the above

Oolongs from Taiwan are also known by this name:
     WuYi Oolong
     Taipei Tea
     Zhuan Cha

The name "oolong" means:
     Black Dragon
     Iron Goddess of Mercy

Darker oolongs taste best when prepared with:
     Green tea temperature water
     Near boiling water
     Room temperature water
     Tap water

Oolong tea is distinctive because of:
     Many layers of flavor and aroma
     Uses older, more mature leaves
     Repeated rolling and oxidizing
     All of the above

In what two countries is green tea primarily produced?
     North and South Korea
     India and Sri Lanka
     China and Japan
     China and the United States

The two main processing styles for green tea are:
     Fermentation and oxidation
     Firing and roasting
     Steaming and pan firing
     Crushing and rolling

Which origin is the only major producer of extremely high quality machine harvested tea?
     Sri Lanka

Pan fired teas generally steep best at what temperature?
     180 degrees
     Room temperature
     190 degrees

The application of heat during green tea processing prevents this from happening:
     Bitter flavors
     Wilting of the leaves

White tea was first cultivated in which country?

Fine white hair around a white tea leaf is a sign of:
     Diseased plant
     Old age
     Good quality

Compared to a green tea, white tea is:
     More 'grassy'
     Less sophisticated
     More bitter
     Lighter and smoother

What processing for green tea is NOT done for white tea?
     All of the above

White teas taste best when steeped:
     Cooler water, longer time
     Hotter water, shorter time
     3-7 minutes
     All of the above

What is the primary difference between the types of tea?
     Steeping time
     Variety of tea bush

What makes Pu'erh unique?
     It is fermented
     It is pressed into cakes
     It is aged
     All of the above

Which tea is essentially unprocessed?
     Black Tea
     White Tea
     Oolong Tea

What is the primary difference between Orthodox and CTC production?
     Machines which shred the leaf
     Quality of tea

Which step in Orthodox tea production has the greatest impact on the flavors and aromas produced?

Why was CTC invented?
     To produce special white teas
     To create new tea varieties
     Popularity of stylish leaves wasn't as high
     To save time and money in black tea production

Which country puts a very high value on the appearance of the leaf?

What is the purpose of rolling tea leaves?
     Create unique, artistic shapes
     Help maintain shelf life
     Preserve the essential oils of the leaf
     All of the above

Antioxidants help the body by
     Preventing and repairing cell damage
     Helping you relax
     Increasing metabolism
     All of the above

What is the primary difference between the antioxidants in green tea vs. black tea?
     Green tea's antioxidants are better for you
     Black tea's antioxidants are better for you
     There is no difference
     Black tea's antioxidants are larger

L-Theanine has what impact on the body?
     Increased alertness
     Increased concentration
     Improved relaxation
     All of the above

What possible impacts does tea have on weight loss?
     Increased metabolism
     Moderates blood sugar levels
     Encourages the body to burn fats
     All of the above

Which of the claims about the health benefits of tea are proven?
     Tea fights cancer
     Tea reduces your appetite
     Tea has almost no calories, and is an important part of a healthy diet
     Tea causes substantial weight loss

What color is the flower produced by the Camellia sinensis plant?
     Trick question - it does not flower

The China plant variety (sinensis) is used primarily to produce which style of tea?
     Green and White
     Black and Pu'erh
     All of the above

The Assam plant variety (assamica) is used primarily to produce which style of tea?
     All of the above

Which of the following is true of the China plant variety?
     Has smaller leaves
     Produces more tea
     Grows taller
     All of the above

Which of the following is true of the Assam plant variety?
     Thrives in humid conditions
     Can be harvested almost weekly
     Has larger leaves
     All of the above

Rooibos is also called
     Butterfly tea
     Red tea
     Yerba Mate

How do the antioxidants in Rooibos compare to those in green tea
     They are different
     There are less of them
     The two cannot be accurately compared
     All of the above

Honeybush often exhibits what flavor?:

Rooibos is grown where?
     Southern China
     South America
     Southern India
     South Africa

Yerba Mate is a popular herb from:
     South America
     South Africa

Which method provides the primary flavor component for most flavored teas?
     Artificial Flavors
     Natural Identical flavors

Jasmine teas are flavored primarily through
     Natural Identical flavors

When compared to classic teas, flavored teas contain
     More caffeine
     Fewer antioxidants
     More antioxidants
     None of the above

Teas can be flavored with
     Fruit pieces
     All of the above

Flavoring agents are applied to tea by
     Spraying the flavor on the tea plants
     Proximity - let the scent soak in
     Spraying the flavor on the dry leaf
     All of the above

What are the enemies of tea freshness?
     All of the above

What causes iced tea to cloud?
     Bad water
     Bad tea
     Old tea

Which method of tea decaffeination yields better flavor?
     Water decaffeination
     Carbon dioxide
     Ethyl acetate
     None of the above

Which of the following is a bad place to store tea?
     Spice cabinet
     Above the stove
     All of the above

What is the downside to using a microwave to heat tea?
     It will never boil
     Exploding water
     No way to gauge the temperature
     All of the above

How many calories are in a cup of real tea?

Which allergens are found in Adagio's teas?
     None of the above

Which of the following is NOT found in tea?
     Tannic Acid
     Trick question - all are found in tea

Tea CAN be widely criticized for the following:
     Causing dehydration
     Causing weight gain
     Disrupting iron absorbtion
     Providing potentially harmful amounts of fluoride

Who may want to avoid drinking tea?
     Pregnant women
     All of the above

Pu'erh is different from other teas in that it is:
     Unlike any other tea in taste
     All of the above

Pu'erh was first produced in:

Which of the following is true of "green" pu'erh?:
     It is oxidized less than ripened pu'erh
     It is aged more than ripened pu'erh
     It is always green in color
     All of the above

Pu'erh is drunk for medicinal reasons thanks to high quantities of:
     Microbes and Microflora

Ripened Pu'erh takes how long to produce
     Several days
     3 months
     15 to 20 years
     Several years

Needles are:
     Thin, flat leaves
     Either unopened leaf buds or tightly-rolled, pointy leaves
     Removed during tea production
     Large, fluffy and downy leaves

Which style is typically associated with Chinese tea production?
     Pan Fired

Brewed tea is called:

Which of the following is describing a sensation, as opposed to a flavor, in tea?

Which of the following flavors refer to tea's "mouth feel"?

What does “gong fu” mean?
     The art of doing something well
     It's another name for martial arts
     Brewing tea
     Making tea lazily

What type of teapot is traditionally used for Gong fu?
     Cast Iron

What type of tea is most widely used during gong fu?

During a Gong Fu Ceremony, what is the first pouring of the tea called?
     Foot Water
     Drain Water
     Dish Water
     Bad Tea

Which tool is NOT used to avoid touching the tea leaves and spoiling them with our sweat and oils.
     Tea Tongs
     Tea Needle
     Tea Caddy
     Tea Scoop

Which of these is NOT a major aspect of chanoyu?

Who is considered the founding grand master of chanoyu?
     Master Lao
     A Japanese artist
     Okakura Kakuzo

Which book introduced chanoyu to the United States?
     The Book of Tea
     The Japanese Tea Ceremony
     A Western Guide to Tea
     The Way of the Tea

What is the Japanese word for tea?

What is another name for chanoyu?
     Kung fu-cha

Which production process is typical of many Chinese teas?
     Pan Firing
     All of the above

Which of the following is especially important in Chinese tea culture?
     Leaf size
     Leaf appearance

Which tea was created to preserve tea's freshness?
     Ti Kuan Yin

Which tea is smoked over a pine fire?
     Lapsang Souchong

Which tea is comprised of only unopened leaves?
     Silver Needle
     White Peony
     Ti Kuan Yin

Which method of production is prominent in Japan?
     Pan firing

Which tea is powdered?

Which unique tea contains stems from the tea plant?

Which tea is shade-grown?
     Genmai Cha

Which tea contains roasted rice?
     Genmai Cha

Formosa means what?
     Beautiful island
     Oolong island
     Tea island

Taiwan is known primarily for producing:
     White teas
     Green teas
     Oolong teas
     All of the above

Which tea is bitten by the Jacobiasca insect?
     Formosa Bai Hao
     Dong Ding
     All of the above

Which tea is the most lightly oxidized?
     Tung Ting
     Formosa Fancy
     All of the above

Ali Shan is an Oolong made in the same style as:
     Tung Ting
     Formosa Fancy

Tea was originally cultivated in India by whom?

Which area is known for producing First Flush teas?
     All of the above

Which area is known for producing malty teas?
     All of the above

Which area is known for producing teas with a "muscatel" flavor?
     All of the above

From which area can you find "frost teas"?
     All of the above

Sri Lanka is an island off the coast of:

Ceylon's tea estates were planted over top of what traditional crop?

Which famous British brand made a name for itself in Ceylon teas?

Ceylon teas are classified by:
     Loose leaf and Tea bags
     White, Green, Black

Ceylon produces primarily what type of tea?
     Green tea
     Oolong tea
     Black tea
     All of the above

What is the name given to tea leaves prior to being made into matcha?
     shaded leaves

What is the Japanese name for "thick" matcha?

Which tea is used to make matcha?

What is the name of the Japanese Tea Ceremony that uses matcha?
     Gong Fu
     Tea Service

What does it mean when matcha is bright green?
     It's sweet
     It's stale
     It's fresh
     It's earthy

What temperature is best for brewing Mate?

The Guarani tribe was believed to first do what with Mate?
     Grow it
     Sell it commercially
     Use as a beverage
     Discover it

What material is the traditional tetsubin pot made out of?
     Cast Iron

What tea was originally used with tetsubin?
     Genmai Cha

What is the classic color of tetsubin pots?

How should you clean a tetsubin pot?
     Put it in the dishwasher
     Soak it in water
     Rinse out with warm water
     Clean it inside and outside with dish soap

The interior is made with:

Where does Yerba Mate come from?
     South America
     South Africa

What species of plant is Yerba Mate?

What is a bombilla?
     A gourd
     A tea
     A strainer for a cup
     A straw with filter

Where is Yixing?

How is Yixing pronounced?

The red cinnabar clay is known as

How do you wash a clay pot?
     Soap & water
     Scrub it clean
     In dishwasher
     Rise with warm water

How can different colors of clay be achieved?
     Acrylic paints
     Addition of mineral deposits
     All the colors are naturally occurring
     Mixing in tea

Which tea pot is a great choice if you're fascinated with the "agony of the leaves?"

If the interior of your ceramic pot is unglazed, you should...
     Wash it with soapy water
     Glaze it yourself
     Rinse it with hot water
     Put it in the dishwasher

What type of pot has a greenish-grey glaze?

What is the first thing to consider when choosing a tea pot?

Which type of porcelain is the least expensive to manufacture?
     Hard China
     White Clay
     Soft China
     Bone China

What are polyphenols?
     Flavoring Agents
     Antioxidants that fight free radicals

What are two polyphenols in tea that contribute to the flavor?
     Tannins and Flavoring
     Caffeine and Flavonoids
     Parabens and Calories
     Flavonoids and Tannins

Which antioxidant are considered most potent?

Which type of tea is most abundant in catechins?

Why might green and white teas contain more polyphenols?
     They're not oxidized
     They are fresher teas
     They are lighter
     People like them more

What is L-Theanine and how many plants have it?
     A flavonoid found in fruits and nuts
     An amino acid only found in tea
     A tannin found in fruits, vegetables and tea
     A polyphenol found in cola, coffee and tea

Which two are the major stimulants in tea?
     Theine and Theobromine
     Catechins and Caffeine
     Caffeine and Tannins
     Caffeine and Polyphenols

Which type of tea has the highest level of L-Theanine?
     Green Only
     White Only
     All tea
     White & Green

The stimulants in tea are higher in a pound of dry leaves than coffee, but are less per cup. Why?
     Coffee has more caffeine
     Coffee is stronger
     1 Pound of tea makes 180-200 cups versus 1 pound of coffee making 40
     The longer the leaves steep, the less comes into the cup.

Adding what to tea SIGNIFICANTLY alters its calorie count?

Tea gets its flavor from?
     Tannins and Caffeine
     Tannins and Flavonoids
     Catechins and Polyphenols
     Flavonoids and L-Theanine

Catechins have the potential to do what?
     Enhance wellbeing
     Give tea astringency
     Improve brain function
     Fight cancers and heart disease

What methyl-xanthine does mate include?

All polyphenols are what?
     free radicals

What gives tea its astringency?

Where is Yixing?

How is Yixing pronounced?

The red cinnabar clay is known as

How do you wash a clay pot?
     Soap & water
     Rinse with hot water
     Scrub it clean
     In dishwasher

How can different colors of clay be achieved?
     Addition of mineral deposits
     Acrylic paints
     All the colors are naturally occurring
     Mixing in tea

What is the first thing you do upon opening the POS screen to ring a sale?
     Check the time
     Scan a product
     Find/create the customer
     Sell a cast iron

When greeting a customer, which phrase should be avoided?
     can I help you?
     welcome in!
     good morning!
     good evening!

The best means of avoiding the "hell zone" would involve
     selectively greet customers who appear serious
     placing sales items by the store entrance
     delay greeting customers until they're comfortable
     bring positive attitude and energy to a greeting

What is the best way of greeting w/ a prop?
     give the prop to the customer
     set the prop down where the customer is bound to look
     encourage the customer to take and examine the prop
     offer welcome and walk pass the customer to put the prop away

Which of the following is not apart of the window of contact?
     continue the sale
     keep good eye contact
     compliment the customer
     share something about yourself

After complimenting a customer, how would you get their interest back?
     talk about our promotions
     share something about yourself
     give them more compliments
     ask more questions about their life

"Selling is a transference of feeling" means which of the following?
     the customer feels obligated to purchase
     selling makes you feel good
     sharing feelings with your customer
     our good feelings can be transferred to the customer

What generic question would you NOT use?
     What type of tea do you enjoy?
     What brings you in today?
     Did you need help finding anything?
     What tea might you like to try?

To secure a sale, a tea consultant should
     Show customer our best sellers
     Orient the customer in the store
     Offer customer the cheapest product
     Hear what the customer wants

To help customers make a decision we should
     Narrow the hundreds of choices to a few specific ones
     Provide as much choice as possible
     Share reviews posted by other customers
     Share our personal tea preferences

The framework for describing features and benefits is
     it has... so you
     it will... so I
     it has... so we'll
     it does... so it's

What are we looking for when using the features and benefits method?
     to show the customers that we care
     to match up the features with the wants
     to talk about the benefits and not the features
     none of the above

What is the wrong way to use the features and benefits method?
     make sure that the features are relevant to the customer
     point at the product and list its features
     tell the customer "why" its important
     when you mention a feature; imagine the customer says "so what"

Closing with an add-on allows you to:
     suggest a complimentary product
     increase the amount of the sale
     bolster your average trans figure
     all of the above

Possible add-on items might include
     cup of tea for gift item buyer
     teas for travel-mug buyer
     teapot for loose tea buyer
     all of the above

How can you handle objections during the close of a sale?
     ask what their thoughts are on the products
     describe additional benefits
     stay positive and confident during the interaction
     all of the above

What do the colored bars next to each item signify?
     Item price
     Flavor (Black, Green, Oolong, etc)
     Inventory count for the item
     Type of product

Where are related products shown?
     Bottom-right corner
     What's a related product?
     In a pop-up screen
     Above the item

What does the lower-left portion of the POS screen show you?
     Customer information
     Adagio's beautiful logo
     Ticket details
     Sales currently on hold

You just came back from lunch. Where is the timesheet button to clock back in?
     Click on the Adagio logo (upper-right)
     Click on the Lightspeed logo (top-left)
     Not in the POS screen
     Click on the Gear icon (top-right)

What type of customer is Jonathan?

What kind of discount do you enter on the bottom of the screen?
     Entire invoice (ticket) discounts
     Teaholic discount
     Employee discounts
     % off an item discounts

What is the last way the presenter shows you to apply a discount?
     By selecting a special item
     By applying a document discount
     By giving out free samples
     By applying a customer's loyalty points

What is the first thing you should do to process a return?
     Find the original invoice
     Find the product
     Apologize and offer a sample

How does Lightspeed show that you are processing a return?
     Red return label on the screen
     A negative total amount
     Items are highlighted in red
     You click on the return button to begin

How does Lightspeed handle exchanges?
     Click on the exchange button
     Add the items to the same ticket as the refund
     It doesn't
     On a separate transaction from the return

What is the first step for every transaction?
     Find or Create the customer’s Loyalty Account
     Ring up the first product
     Sell a cast iron
     Ask how the customer heard about us

What information do you need to sign up a new customer?
     Name, Email address, Salesperson name, referred from
     Name, email address
     Name, phone number
     Name, Zip code, Email address

What are the different ways you can enter a product?
     Scan the barcode, or type in the name of the item
     Phone a friend, 50/50, or ask the audience
     Scan the barcode, type the name, or click on the category buttons
     Search by product code, or use the category buttons

Where are the items currently rung up shown?
     Right side of the screen
     In the middle of the screen
     At the bottom of the screen
     Left side of the screen

What’s the first step to selling a Gift Card?
     Sign up or find the customer’s Loyalty Account
     Entering the amount of the gift card
     Swiping the new gift card
     Picking out your favorite color

Are you allowed to add other items to the transaction after the Gift Card?
     Only if it’s under $10
     No, they must be added before the Gift Card

Where do you go to redeem a gift card?
     In the Payments screen
     Under Services
     At Adagio.com
     Type in Gift Card

How can a customer pay for only a portion of the transaction with a gift card?
     Choose Gift Card, change the Payment Amount to the desired value, swipe the card, click Ok
     No, it must be the full value of the transaction
     Choose Gift Card, swipe the card, change the Payment Amount to the desired value, click Ok
     No, the entire card has to be used at once

How do you check the balance of an existing gift card?
     Ring any product, and then swipe the card in the Check Out screen
     Go to StoreMaster, then Tools, and choose Gift Cards
     At Adagio.com
     Call the number on the back of the card

How many methods are there for applying discounts?

What happens if you enter 5 in the “Entire Ticket Discount” button on the bottom of the screen?
     5% is taken off the transaction
     $5 is taken off every item in the transaction
     $5 is taken off the transaction subtotal
     5% is added to the transaction

How do you apply the Groupon Teapot discount?
     Type in “Groupon Teapot” in the search field
     From the Teapots section
     From the Discount section or typing it in the search field
     From the Discounts category on the main POS screen

Where is the “discount field” on each item?
     At the top-left of the product box
     You have to double-click on the product
     To the right of the price, with a “0” entered by default
     Under the selling price

What is the easiest way to clear all discounts?
     Click the “coin” icon, enter “0”, click Apply
     Change each discount to “0”
     Delete the incorrect products
     Click the red Clear button at the bottom-left

How long is Adagio’s return period?
     30 days
     1 year
     14 days
     90 days

How do you enter the items being returned by the customer into LightSpeed?
     Scan the items the customer hands you
     Individual items don’t matter as long as the total is correct
     Either scan the receipt or look up the transaction and LightSpeed will automatically add all the items to a return transaction
     Add each item individually and change the prices to negative

How do you give the customer Store Credit?
     Attached to their loyalty account
     Give the customer loyalty points
     Make the customer buy merchandise
     On a gift card

When exchanging items, which items do you delete, and which do you add to the transaction?
     Delete the items not being returned, add the ones being purchased
     Add the items being returned, delete the items being purchased
     You cannot add or delete items once you scan the receipt
     Delete the items being returned, add the items being purchased

How many points does a customer need to be able to redeem them?
     Any amount

Where do you view and redeem a customer’s points?
     On the customer’s phone
     On the Loyalty Account page in a web browser
     In their LightSpeed Loyalty Account
     Only at Adagio.com

In LightSpeed, where do you enter the amount of Loyalty points being redeemed?
     In the discount field of any item
     As a cash payment
     As a Social Payment
     In the discount field of the “Loyalty Point Redemption” product

How do you know a Gift Card came from Adagio.com or another online site?
     The customer will always know
     The graphics on the front of online-originated gift cards look different than store gift cards
     LightSpeed does not recognize it
     It has the website it was sold at printed on the back

What happens to any extra value that is not used from an online gift card?
     Give the customer mints and chocolate bars to make up the difference
     The customer loses any remaining balance that they do not use
     We issue the customer a store gift card for the balance
     Add loyalty points to the customer’s account

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