Making the Perfect Cup

lesson #04 quiz

Which variety of tea generally has the shortest brewing time?
     Green tea
     White tea
     Herbal tea
     Dark Oolong tea

When preparing tea, which of the following should you keep in mind?
     Temperature of water
     Steeping time
     Ratio of leaves to water
     All of the above

Assam Indian black tea should steep for how long?
     2 min
     7 min
     Until the sacred cows come home
     5 min

How much tea leaves should be used for a 8 ounce cup of Earl Grey?
     2 teaspoons
     1 tablespoon
     1 cup
     1 teaspoon

Brewing a Genmaicha Japanese green tea requires what temperature of water?
     About 100F
     About 210F
     Boiling water
     About 180F

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