Drinking Health: Benefits and Misconceptions

lesson #05 quiz

Which of the following is an effect of drinking green tea?
     Weight loss
     Better breath
     Lower cholesterol
     All of the above

Which of the following is an effect of drinking black tea?
     Weight loss
     Lower cholesterol
     Better breath
     All of the above

How many cups of tea should you drink per day to obtain full health benefits?

What is the best way achieve the full health benefits of tea?
     Drink only in the morning
     Drink what you like
     Always use milk and sugar
     Mix tea with alcohol

What is the problem with the health benefits of supermarket-quality bagged teas?
     Poor water circulation and leaf expansion may limit the infusion of healthy elements
     Lower quality leaves sometimes contain a lower concentration of beneficial elements
     Less desirable flavors result in reduced consumption
     All of the above

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