Tea vs Coffee: The battle for the cup

lesson #02 quiz

All of the following are common characteristics shared between coffee and tea, except:
     Both originated in the same country
     Both are effected by climate conditions
     Both are naturally caffeinated
     Both from the evergreen family

According to legend, who discovered Coffee?
     Enrico Espresso, an Italian explorer
     Mocha, a Swiss cocoa merchant
     Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder
     Starbuck, a Greek sailor

Charles II of England sampled the first tea the same year as what event?
     Beheading of Oliver Cromwell
     Ale was invented in Ireland
     First coffeehouse opened in England
     The Boston Tea Party in America

The #1 Hot Drink in the US is currently:
     Hot Toddy
     Hot Cocoa

The #1 Hot Drink worldwide is currently:
     Hot Toddy
     Hot Cocoa

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