Presto!: Instant Tea, Matcha and RTD

lesson #12 quiz

In most instant teas, the main ingredient is:

'Matcha' is a powdered form of which type of tea?
     Gyokuro Green
     Dragonwell Green
     Keemun Black
     Wu Yi Oolong

'Tencha' is a Japanese green tea that:
     Has been upgraded from 'Ninecha'
     Has been fully fermented
     Is only available on weekends
     Has been de-veined and de-stemmed

When talking about tea, the term 'RTD' means:
     Rapid Tea Dispersion
     Recent Tea Discovery
     Rapidly Torn and Dried
     Ready to Drink

Which of the following beverages actually derives from tea?
     RTD tea
     Instant tea
     Matcha tea
     All of the above

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