Two Leaves and a Tastebud: How to Taste

lesson #02 quiz

When tasting tea, it is important to:
     Analyze the color of the liquor
     Slurp loudly
     Smell the leaves
     All of the above

When tasting teas, it is advisable to compare:
     Different samples of the same variety of tea
     Different teas from the same country
     A wide variety of teas from across the globe
     Apples to oranges

In tasting terminology, the term 'grassy' usually refers to:
     Lower quality tea
     Adulterated tea
     Green and oolong tea
     Lemongrass tea

To enhance the flavor of the tea during a professional tasting, you may wish to add:
     A slice of lemon
     A splash of milk
     Sugar to taste
     None of the above

Before you begin a tea tasting, make sure you have:
     Proper teaware
     Good water
     Accurate measuring equipment
     All of the above

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