Cup Meets Plate: Pairing Food with Tea

lesson #13 quiz

What beverage other than tea, is best compared by its complementary nature to food?
     Apple juice
     Filtered water

Jasmine's naturally sweet, floral nature lends it well to what foods?
     Spicy entrees

Which mellow, earthy and aged tea is particularly good after a heavy, multi-course meal?
     Pu'erh tea
     Formosa Oolong
     Earl Grey's Ghost tea
     Pouchong tea

What is a good tea pairing for a 'milk and cookies' midnight snack?
     English Breakfast tea
     Herbal fruit infusion
     Japanese green tea
     White Peony tea

Which delicate, nutty-tasting tea works well with seafood, salads, and chicken?
     Dragonwell tea
     Yunnan tea
     Golden Monkey tea
     Herbal fruit infusion

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